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Advanced Multiplayer Template

Overview :

This advanced and complete multiplayer game template includes everything you need to create your own advanced multiplayer video game.

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Master Server, Game Server and Sub Server System:

  • This template comes with a very stable and powerful master server, game server, and sub-server system that allows your players to create their own sub-servers, which, once created, will be displayed in the server list of your other players and can be easily joined.

Strong and Secure Player Data Save System:

  • The template comes with a secure and strong save system that stores player account data, statistics, and general data, such as XP, currency, and items, securely encrypted on the master server and is not dependent on third parties such as MySQL servers.

Player Authentication (Registration and Login) System:

  • This template includes a strong and secure registration and login system that allows your players to create a player account and log in with it.


  • The template includes a whole multiplayer vehicle system with very important and powerful components.

Player and npc vehicle theft:

  • The car theft system allows your players to pull out other players and NPCs that are in a vehicle and steal their vehicle.
  • It also allows npcs to steal the vehicle of a player or another npc. The system includes professional and realistic car theft animations.

Vehicle enter and exit:

  • The template comes with a powerful vehicle enter and exit system that allows, among other features, the addition of an unlimited number of seats to a vehicle and the transfer of ownership of a vehicle after entering and exiting.

Vehicle damage:

  • Vehicle lights, including turn signals
  • Vehicle weapons, including machine guns and rockets
  • Vehicle AI/Traffic System

Items and Inventory:

  • Various item types are available in the template, including weapons, ammunition, consumables, outfits, and companion items. Items can be easily added thanks to the powerful scriptable item system included in the template.

Weapons and Ammunition:

  • Weapons can be equipped by your players and used with the required ammunition. Each weapon contains adjustable variables, such as damage value, acquisition value, sale value, required ammunition, firing sound, weapon type, firing rate, model, inventory icon, and rarity.


  • You can provide your players with outfit/skin items for purchase in the item store, so they can change the look of their game character.


  • After a companion is equipped, it appears and stays by the player’s side, following him wherever he goes.


  • Consumable items can be used to increase the player’s values, such as nutritional value, XP maintenance, and health.


  • The template comes with an intelligent NPC system that allows NPCs to get into cars, steal them, and drive them. The system also allows the npcs to react to the players, such as when a player pulls out a gun or aims at an npc. NPCs can deal and take damage from weapons and vehicles.

Item Shop:

  • The template contains a whole item shop system that allows your players to purchase items. Shop items can be easily added to the shop.

Build System and Plot/Property System:

  • The template comes with a powerful build and plot/property system that allows your players to own their own plot or property and build on it. The build system allows players to purchase, sell, place, and edit build items. Build items can be easily added thanks to the scriptable build item system.

Player Health and Nutrition:

  • Each of your players has a health and nutrition bar, which can be increased by consumable items. If your players take damage, either from a strong collision with a vehicle or a projectile from a weapon, their health value will decrease. If one of your players has taken too much damage so that his health value has decreased to zero, he will die, and as a result, a UI will appear that contains a timer that tells the player when he will respawn. After respawning, his health value will be fully filled.

Player Experience:

  • The template contains a whole experience and level system that allows your players to gain experience points and level up. Each level has higher experience point requirements; the higher the level, the more experience points are needed to reach that level. The template also allows you to unlock certain items for your players after they reach a certain level.

Emote Wheel:

  • Provide your players with emotes such as gestures, dances, or general movements that they can use via their emote wheel.


  • Your players can communicate together via the server chat, which is always accessible when your players are on a server.

Mobile Compatibility:

  • The template allows you to move all included controllers and perform gameplay functions via UI elements to create an advanced multiplayer video game for mobile devices.


  • This template uses Mirror, the #1 free open-source game networking solution, which makes it possible to create powerful and very stable multiplayer games.

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