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Advanced Survival Kit for Playmaker FPS Game Template

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

All the 3d models, sound effects, and animations are included. No scripts. Only Playmaker FSMs. It is fully customizable.

Each Playmaker FSM is named and commented. It is very easy to replace it with your own 3d models.


  • Mobile Controller
  • Clothing and Armor System
  • Better Demo Scene
  • Inventory and Crafting System
  • Build System
  • Status System (Health-Hunger-Thirst-Radiation-Stamina)
  • Placeable Objects System
  • Interaction System
  • Day/Night Cycle System
  • Advanced Enemy AI
  • Advanced Animal AI
  • Advanced “Lootable Area” System
  • Destructible Objects
  • 50+ Collectible Items
  • In-Game Cheat Console


  • Walking, Running, Jumping, Crouching, Prone, Swimming, and Ladder System
  • Player Effects (Starving-Thirsty-Sick-Bleeding-Broken Leg-Drowning-Heat-Too Cold)
  • Advanced Damage Detection (Near/Close Hit-Heat-Cold-Fall Damage)
  • Detection Types (Line of Sight-Sound-Hit)
  • Recoil System
  • Decal System
  • Customizable Footstep System
  • Weapon Slot System
  • Item Quality System
  • Pool System
  • Seed Plant System
  • Fishing System
  • Peek the Left/Right System
  • Ragdoll Physics
  • Hit Marker
  • Weapon Sway
  • Death Screen and Pause Menu
  • Basic Turret AI
  • BOSS Zombie AI

Craftable and Placeable Objects:

  • Bed: The player can respawn at the Bed by dying and pressing the Home button. Also can sleep at night.
  • Campfire: Source for cooking and when near it, nullifying the freezing effect in turn
  • Crate: For storing items
  • Recycler: Used to break items into raw materials
  • Repair Bench: Repair broken items back to a usable state
  • Torch: Provides a little light

Download Advanced Survival Kit for Playmaker FPS Game Template v1.2.2 Latest Version

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