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Blaze AI Engine

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

A comprehensive and highly customizable enemy AI engine for all your enemies’ needs Whether your enemy is a melee, ranged, or cover shooter, Blaze AI has got you covered.


Framework-free Approach

  • Blaze AI offers a very simplistic approach to building your AIs and doesn’t force a certain methodology or framework. Whatever you want to do, Blaze allows you to do it in any way you want in your scripts and MonoBehavior.

Highly Modular State-independent Design

  • Every state has its own behavior script, which is a monobehavior that can either be edited or even written from scratch for highly customizable behavior. You can even swap behavior scripts for a state in runtime to make your enemy act differently under certain conditions. Lastly, not all states need to be used. Use what you need and leave the rest empty.


  • The level of customization and options available will astound you. Set your own functionalities, animations, events, and audios. Turn features on or off. You can always make your enemies unique.

Companion Mode

  • Blaze not only assists you in making enemies, but also in making friends. Have an AI backup your player through thick and thin using the highly flexible companion mode, and fight other AIs together. Order your companion to stay put, follow, attack an enemy, go to a certain location, and more.

Render Pipelines

  • Since this asset is an AI system, it works on HDRP, URP, and built-in pipelines.


  • Blaze AI is code-optimized and built with performance in mind. offering distance culling, vision cycle frames, AI audios in scriptable objects for less memory footprint, and settable layers in all physics operations.

APIs Programming

  • Blaze offers numerous APIs and access to properties to give you full dynamic control over your AIs. All inspector properties can be accessed and changed dynamically via code to change how the AI may act at runtime. All APIs and public properties are listed in the documents.

Glimpse Of What Blaze Supports

  • Vision system with multi-targeting: normal state; alert state; attack state; cover shooter; melee; ranged; AI vs. AI; Companion Mode Strafing; retreating; pursuing; humanoid and generic models AI communication system; distraction system Animation: root motion; getting hit; death React to specific tags; avoid localization Distance culling Enemy scheduler: AI skin check for enemy contact; search for hostile within radius; friendly mode

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