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DOTween (HOTween v2)

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

Animate anything via a simplified code. DO Tween is a fast, efficient, and fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine.


  • Lightweight, highly optimized, performant, memory efficient
  • Modular (you can activate/deactivate references to major Unity systems like physics/UI/etc)
  • Animate anything, either with shortcuts or with DOTween’s generic way
  • Tween strings with rich text support and scrambling options
  • Organize your tweens in complex groups that can be controlled as a single tween
  • Tons of control methods (Play, Pause, Goto, Rewind, Complete, and more)
  • Looping (with Yoyo and Incremental additional options), easing (including custom easing with AnimationCurves), from and relative tweens, and more
  • A wide array of callbacks
  • WaitFor(tweenEvent) methods that can be used inside coroutines
  • Blendable tweens
  • Animate objects along linear or curved paths with constant speed (or not: you choose), with various orientation options
  • Extra options depending on the tween type, like snapping or rotating along an object’s self space
  • Utility Panel which allows you to set DOTween’s preferences
  • DOTween Inspector, which shows you additional data while playing in Unity Editor
  • Additional DOVirtual methods for extra features (like calling a method after a given delay)
  • Safe mode

Download DOTween (HOTween v2) v1.2.705 Latest Version

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