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Farm Life

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

Farm Life is a high-quality modular low-poly stylized art package that contains 400 carefully crafted animated 3D models that will help you build Farm Games.


  • Easy to use—drag and drop workflow and you’re ready to go
  • Modular Workflow
  • Ready-made presets for a quick preview of different looks
  • Constant updates and new features
  • Active development and support
  • Clean and unique modern style

Models and Maps:

  • 8 Smaller Maps which create a huge Farm Village to show you potential of those assets
  • Daylight and Nightlight Maps
  • 23 animated animals with five unique loop animations for each animal Breathe, eat, slow down, run, walk: bull, cat, chicken, cow, dog, goat, goose, horse, pig, ostrich, dove, rabbit, crow, sheep, stork, with different variations
  • 26 animated characters with 4 unique loop animations for each character: breathing, idle, running, walking: boy, farmer, man, girl, woman with different variations and skin colors
  • 37 buildings, including: aviary, swamp, manger, attic, greenhouse, chicken coop, 10 different farms, mailbox, oil pump, outhouse, 5 sheds, silo, stable, warehouse, hemp cane, water tower, well, windmill and woodshed, with different varieties and colors
  • 22 crops, including apple, beetroot, cabbage, carrot, corn, 5 different types of hay, leek, onion, pepper, pumpkin, sunflower, tomato, tomato branch, wheat and wheat brunch in different variations and colors
  • 113 modular grid terrains, including: terrain bases, paths, roads and corners made of stone, mud, water, river sand, gravel and slag in different variations and colors
  • 6 plants, including: Flowers and 6 types of grass with different variations and colors
  • 27 props, including: Bag, 2 Barrels, Bench, Bucket, Camp Fire, 2 crates, 2 Feeder, 6 types of Fence, Fork, Gate, Hedge, Ladder, Lamps, Scarecrow, Sign, and stool with different variations and colors
  • 13 different rocks with variations and colors
  • 29 Trees and Bushes with different variations and colors
  • 16 vehicles, including: 3 agricultural machines, wheelbarrow, bicycle, motorcycle, engine, boat, harvester, jeep, pick-up, tractor, 4 trailers and a truck in different designs and colors
  • 1 hand-painted skybox
  • Light Shaft Plugin, which will be soon included as a separate asset for color grading your scene
  • Light Shaft Plugin
  • Tree Swinger Plugin for animating multiple trees and grass using drag-and-drop
  • 30 Example Scenes
  • 15 Camera Animations using Unity3D Timeline System

Download Farm Life v1.0 Latest Version

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