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Highlight Plus – All in One Outline & Selection Effects

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

Highlight Plus adds outline, glow, overlay, see-through, and other effects to any 3D object in your scene. HP has been designed with platform compatibility and performance in mind, as well as versatility.


  • Outline color, alpha, and width
  • Outer glow color, width, alpha, animation speed, dithering, and multi-colored
  • Inner glow color, width, and intensity
  • Overlay color, alpha, and animation speed.
  • Intensity of the see-through effect, tint color, and alpha. Occluded objects keep their correct depth. plus an additional colored border option.
  • A hit/flash effect with three variations: color, intensity, and fade-out duration.
  • Target effect with customizable transition, animation, texture, and color. also compatible with skinned meshes. In addition to highlighting a target, you can use this feature to focus attention on any number of locations.
  • Target effect Align to Ground option. renders an animated selection or area effect just under the character or object (similar to decals).
  • Preview effect in Editor (no need to go into play mode).
  • Extreme flexibility: can affect individual or group of objects or run in automatic mode with layer option.
  • Option to trigger by entering a volume.
  • Can exclude specific submeshes.
  • Event system to fine-control automatic mode.
  • Fade in/out.
  • Copy settings into reusable profiles.
  • Works with normal, skinned meshes and LOD groups.
  • Works with orthographic and perspective cameras as well as with multiple cameras.
  • Safe: does not modify object materials, shader nor mesh.
  • Performant: this is not a full screen image effect.
  • Ordered see-through.
  • 4 quality levels.

Download Highlight Plus – All in One Outline & Selection Effects v20.1.3 (Jun 9 2024)

Download Highlight Plus – All in One Outline & Selection Effects v20.1.5

Download Highlight Plus – All in One Outline Selection Effects v20.1.6 (Jul 17 2024) Latest Version

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