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In-App Web Browser

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

This package lets you open a website inside a modal platform-native window. That gives a better user experience than using an application. OpenURL to prevent the user from leaving your app.


  • Works on both iOS and Android,
  • You can communicate with loaded website through simple API (Javascript-Unity back and forth)
  • You can hide top bar (with title and back button) if you don’t like it
  • You can specify browser’s title, back button title, background and text colors
  • Uses native UI elements (native scrolling performance)
  • Shows spinner animation while website is loading
  • Bundled with ready-to-use Playmaker action
  • Perfect for showing external content, such as Help section, Terms and Conditions page etc.
  • Show back and forward buttons so user might visit previous sites
  • Easy integration (no Android manifest merging)
  • Doesn’t require Unity PRO

Download In-App Web Browser v2.0.3 Latest Version

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