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Interactor – Interaction Handler for IK

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

Interactor is designed to create interactions (in seconds) involving body movements, with or without animation files. The most complete system allows you to interact with objects or characters in any way you want.


  • Set up Interactor for your character: 5 minutes
  • Create your own target prefabs (to spawn them on objects in SceneView): 1-2 minutes each
  • Create a new interaction and save it for later use as a preset. 1-5 minutes
  • Create a new interaction with the saved target and preset to make it ready to use with procedural animations
  • Interactor is lightweight and mobile-friendly.
  • Multiple actors in the same scene Use it for your AI characters!
  • TwoBoneIK solver for non-humanoid rigs (FPS Arm rigs, creatures, monsters, etc)
  • You can use your own player controllers. And your character does not require a rigid body.
  • There is a lot of room to experiment with new interactions that involve body movement.
  • Look settings that are highly customizable (OnSelection, Before, OnPause, After, or multiple selection modes). Additionally, it works with interaction priorities.
  • Interaction interruptions that are smooth to change the current interaction without resetting it.
  • Self Interactions! Easily create procedural idle (or other) animations. They will play randomly, with given odds for each. Set as many as you want with freedom of creativity.
  • Interactor script is fully commented
  • Full source code included (with bonus scripts & shaders)
  • Except for the custom bonus shaders (Outline, etc.), it can be used for HDRP and URP. Other than that, Interactor will work just fine.
  • The integration button allows you to change the example scene and all interactions in it to the final IK version (except for the FPS scene, which is only available in InteractorIK).
  • Almost everything, from all components to animation and material property hash ids, is cached to improve performance. Not a single GetComponent() is called in runtime (except when really needed).
  • Tested for both look and functionality on all versions since 2019. 1 as well as dark and regular Unity themes

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