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Mars Modular Multiplayer Photon FPS Kit

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

The Modular Multiplayer First Person Engine is an advanced FPS Kit, which was created from the ground up to be for multiplayer use – it is not a single-player controller ported to multiplayer.

The Modular Multiplayer FPS Engine MMFPSE requires PUN2 (Photon Unity Networking 2) in order to work. To find out more about PUN, the Photon Cloud, Photon Server, and their pricing visit Photon’s website.


  • Weapon System Features:
    ✓ Raycast Shooting
    ✓ Physical Bullet Shooting
    ✓ Bullet Penetration
    ✓ Fire Modes: Semi, Auto, Burst
    ✓ Melee
    ✓ Grenades
    ✓ Left Hand IK
  • Player Features:
    ✓ Basic Movement (Sprint, Run, Walk, Crouch)
    ✓ NEW: Swimming
    ✓ Footsteps
    ✓ Terrain support for footsteps
    ✓ Stamina System
    ✓ Player Model Customization
  • Gameplay Features:
    ✓ Player-Based Bots
    ✓ Leveling / Unlocking
    ✓ Third Person Mode
  • Included Weapons:
    ✓ Assault Rifle (FAL)
    ✓ Pistol (M1911)
    ✓ Shotgun
    ✓ Sniper (M40)
    ✓ Frag Grenade
    ✓ Flashbang
    ✓ Smoke Grenade
    ✓ Bat
  • UI Features:
    ✓ Room Browser
    ✓ Pre-Game Lobby (CoD)
    ✓ Minimap
    ✓ Photon Friends
    ✓ Mobile Controls (NOTE: The kit’s default graphics are not optimized for use on mobile devices.)
  • World Features:
    ✓ Ammo Spawn
    ✓ Weapon Spawn
    ✓ NEW: Health Pack Spawn
    ✓ Door System
    ✓ Kill and Damage Zones
    ✓ NEW: Leaving Combat Area-Zones
  • Other Features:
    ✓ Voice Chat
    ✓ Support for self-hosted Photon Server
    ✓ Event System for injecting custom scripts!
    ✓ Powerful Plugin System
    ✓ Editor Tool for adding player models

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