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Master Server Toolkit

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

This is a self-contained, free, and powerful solution to many of the issues that arise when developing online multiplayer games and applications.


  • The purpose of the framework is to create servers, services, and microservices that will run in different parts of the world and perform one common task of your multi-user application or game. With the built-in network API, you can create your own game server without having to use Fishnet, uNet, Mirror Networking, Forge Remastered, or other systems for creating online multiplayer games.
  • Servers and services that are created using the current framework can work locally, but you need to use a VPS or dedicated server for production.
  • I recommend you to have your servers on a remote machine, not on a local one. You can either have some pre-defined game servers running 24/7, or you can have a Spawner server “spawns” a game server on clients request (this seamlessly imitates client hosting).
  • The concept of a framework already indicates the readiness of those who will use it to program using the API. The UI components used in the examples are only designed to demonstrate a particular tool. There is no need to use the UI at all to solve your problems. For example: you don’t need an UI to get a list of game servers. You just need to make a request to get a list and use the response for your purposes.
  • There is no need to use everything in the framework. Use just the tools you need.

Download Master Server Toolkit v1.14 Latest Version

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