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This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

Road Architect is a professional-quality road system creator featuring dynamic intersections, bridges, and many other road objects.


  • Includes several assets such as traffic light poles, street lights, traffic lights, stop signs, and more.
  • Bridge wizard allows for the immediate construction of professional-quality bridges such as causeways, arches, suspension bridges, and more. All bridge creation aspects are generated instantly allowing quick iteration.
  • Customization Custom extrusion allows for mix and match of bridge parts. Over 50 bridge parts included.
  • Details Many different types of railing, bases, center dividers included.
  • Curvature Supported bridge curvature, including arch and suspension bridges.
  • Railing 12+ Railing types included such as K-Rails and W Beams.
  • Center dividers Many center divider options including the most popular configurations such as K-Rails with blinders or street lights. All aspects of mesh extrusion are performed instantly allowing quick iteration.
  • Collision barriers Water barrels and other collision barriers are available with rigid or static body configurations that are prefabricated.
  • Custom extrusion Extrude any custom mesh along the spline with almost limitless customization.
  • Road assets several road assets included such as street lights, double lights, stop signs and more. All aspects of road asset placement are done instantly, allowing for quick iterations.
  • Custom assets Place any custom mesh along the spline with endless customization options.
  • Signs 300+ U.S. federal and state road signs are pre-built and available for use.
  • Future assets Assets will be added and freely available as time progresses.
  • Speed All mesh extrusion, bridge extrusion and road asset placement actions are instantaneous. The optimal road generation yields an average of 100 m per (2 km road + 1 intersection). Multithreaded support.
  • Quality Most road textures at least 1024×1024 resolution. Most materials include normal and specular maps. Most assets created to federal or state specification.
  • Customization Full customization is available. Hundreds of customization options. Full source code.

Download RoadArchitect v1.7 Latest Version

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