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Selection Parrot – Group, Select & Organize!

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

Parrot is a clever selection manager for Unity that makes you more efficient at selecting and grouping objects together. Parrot includes Selection Filtering and the Under Mouse Smart Selector to make your selections even more efficient.

Parrot is the second plugin by the team behind Monkey Commander. Our experience developing tools for Unity gives Parrot an intuitive and efficient UX that integrates into your workflow without adding mess or inconsistency to your editor.


  • Multi Scene And Asset Grouping

Parrot allows you to group together asset and objects from any scenes. If some of the scenes are not loaded, Parrot allows you to load them dynamically when selecting a group.

  • 30+ Group Icons

Customize the look of your groups to recognize them easily thanks to more than 30 custom icons. Use your own images and icons to identify your groups!

  • Selection Highlighter

Preview the objects present in the selection groups directly on the scene, the hierarchy and the project window: Identify what you want to select quickly!

  • Selection Browser

Check what is contained in your selection groups, and select individual members.

  • Drag And Drop

Drag and drop objects to a group to add them and remove them, and drag a group to object fields to paste all the objects in it! Quickly Instantiate prefabs in selection groups, or move objects quickly in the scene hierarchy!

  • Adaptative UI

Parrot’s UI adapts to its position in your layout and to its dimensions. Parrot can be placed horizontally or vertically according to your preference.
A compact mode is available to take as little room as possible in your layout!

  • Compact and Intuitive

We are experienced Unity developpers and understand the layout constrains of programmers, artist, animators or level designers.
Parrot is designed to be intuitive, fast to use, and non intrusive.

  • Great Performance & Optimized for Large Projects

Parrot’s interface is optimized to have in mind lots of groups, and a large amount of objects selected. Parrot was tested on heavy projects to ensure its speed and stability.

  • Includes MonKey Commander

Parrot is bundled with a bunch of commands for MonKey Commander to simplify the selection of groups and to offer extra selection functionalities

Download Selection Parrot v2021.1.5 Latest Version

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