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SoulLink Spawner

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

Complete runtime procedural generator for indoor and outdoor games. Spawner can generate anything you can imagine and works in both mesh and off-road environments.


  • Full memory function with Pixel Crusher memory system
  • Integrated object fusion solution (also supports Core GameKit PoolBoss)
  • Integrated clock system for test purposes (not suitable for production use)
  • Display in 2D or 3D
  • Custom biome spawns (texture filters, MM2 biomes, landscaping models)
  • Attendance by time of day
  • Born from weather conditions (rain, snow, temperature)
  • Generation by season (fall, winter, spring and summer)
  • Spawn by quest status (dialogue system and quest engine)
  • Occurrence in user-defined areas
  • Rebirth is in the air
  • Appears on splines
  • Appearance in custom categories with maximum appearances per category
  • Spawn areas support spawn wave elimination mode
  • Spawning areas support boss spawning
  • Spawning areas support spawn radius, spawn limits and spawn points
  • Advanced Wave Generator with Level Manager
  • Proximity Generation and Proximity Filters
  • Improved game time system: “Days, Months, Years, Seasons”
  • Temperature scale change (Fahrenheit, Celsius)
  • Enjoy advanced temperature control (based on weather, wind, time of day and altitude)
  • Stop biome spawning in custom areas
  • Build different sets of prefabs for custom regions
  • Limits spawning by minimum and maximum extent, elevation, slope and stratum
  • Prevents spawning in invalid world coordinates (e.g. in places where you can’t walk)
  • Can spawn on terrain or walkable objects on the terrain (platforms, ladders, bridges, etc.)
  • Scale your spawns for more variety (Autoscale Emerald AI UI elements)
  • Population traps
  • Probability of individual occurrence
  • User-controlled spawn rate
  • You can respawn and disappear just outside of the player’s line of sight if you wish
  • Custom spawn validation support (pre/post validation script override)
  • Global stock definitions that can be used in scenes or projects
  • Debug area to display current spawn data on screen
  • Debug mode for more comprehensive logging of console and physical files
  • LampControl bonus script to turn light sources on and off based on time of day
  • Clean and easy-to-use editor with light green theme or plain gray theme (user selectable)
  • An easy-to-use onboarding window that automatically detects most supported third-party assets and allows you to enable or disable others with a single click.
  • Demo scenes for all major features with basic roaming AI


  • MicroSplat, CTS and Unity terrain shaders (other terrain shaders not tested at this time)
  • Mesh Terrains (Polaris support with icons)
  • Any character controller
  • Any AI system that supports object combinations
  • Unity NavMesh (prebuilt or generated at runtime)
  • Landscaping templates for biomes
  • dialogue system activity tracker
  • Quest Machine: Quest Tracker
  • Most weather and sky systems for time of day and weather functions
  • Generation of a navigation grid at runtime, including grid links to cross borders
  • A* Navigation (without working time generation)
  • URP and HDRP integrated streams
  • SECTR Stream

Download SoulLink Spawner v1.3.4

Download SoulLink Spawner v1.3.8

Download SoulLink Spawner v1.4.1

Download SoulLink Spawner v1.4.2 Latest Version

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