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Auction House Remastered

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

This addon will add an auction residence device in your uMMORPG Remastered game to allow gamers to buy and promote gadgets with different players to your server.


  • Every tab of the auction house supports pages, will show a most of 20 items consistent with web page, and is changeable.
  • Search items by full or partial item name, level range, and category or subcategory.
  • Sort items by clicking on the column names to sort ascending (a-z/0-9) or descending (z-a/9-0).
  • You can bid on selected items at the minimum bid allowed, enter a higher bid if you wish, or buy out the item. (Note: You cannot bid on or buyout your own auctions.)
  • If a bid matches or is higher than the buyout price, then it will buyout the item at the buyout price.
  • View active auctions you have previously bid on to see if you have been outbid or increase your previous bid.
  • Each duration length is in days and can be changed along with its fee percentage. Default values are: (1 day: 0.1%, 3 days: 0.2%, 5 days: 0.3%)
  • If you post an auction and it sells, you will be refunded the deposit fee.
  • When an auction has ended, there is a final value fee that is automatically subtracted from the seller’s earnings. (Default fee is 0.1% of the auction’s final value.)
  • Every 15 minutes (changeable), a check for auctions that need to be ended is run and processed.
  • Categories are stored in an enum; you can edit, add, or remove categories.
  • Multiple Auction Houses based on an ID on the player This will enable you to have separate auction houses based on class, if your game has factions.

Download Auction House Remastered v1.0 Latest Version

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