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uSURVIVAL – Multiplayer Survival

This is a paid asset, but now you can download it totally free. However, please keep in mind that this package is only provided for studying or testing the product prior to purchasing it, not for business functions.

Overview :

uSurvival is the simplest and most user-friendly multiplayer survival engine in the world for one simple reason: 99% of all multiplayer projects fail because they are too complex.


  • Character Controller: uSurvival uses character controller movements inspired by games like Quake and Counter-Strike.
  • Third and First Person: uSurvival’s camera supports both third and first persons. Either mode can be disabled; both modes work with the same models and animations.
  • Zombies: Zombies can easily be placed in the world and will traverse their surroundings while the server is running.
  • Scriptable Items: uSurvival comes with a powerful Scriptable item system. You can add new items based on existing types (e.g., potions) or create new types that inherit from ScriptableItem.
  • Weapons: By default, an Axe, a Pistol, a rifle, and a Crossbow come with uSurvival. More melee, ranged, or projectile weapons can be added easily by reusing the example scripts.
  • Crafting and Furnace: uSurvival comes with a powerful crafting system. Crafting recipes convert a given set of items into a resulting item with a specified probability of success.
  • Energies: Health, Nutrition, Hydration, temperature, and endurance are all implemented by default. Survival’s energy component can be used for more energy easily.
  • Harvesting: Every survival game needs harvesting. Survival’s built-in trees can be chopped down, dropped, and respawned again.
  • Interaction: uSurvival includes an easy- to- use commerce element that can be added to prefabs to interact with them.
  • Build System: Many survival games allow the player to build structures in the world, similar to uSurvival.
  • Database: uSurvival uses SQLite by default, which works out of the box with no additional configuration.

Download uSURVIVAL – Multiplayer Survival v1.82 Latest Version

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